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July 2, 2018

Technology can be a challenge. I fully embrace that concept. I created back in 2015 to be able to share information about awesome always-free books with my readers. I set up a newsletter to be able to share news with them.

In July 2018, that entire database was wiped out.

Technology happens. Backups fail. Systems crash. Despite your best intentions, things go wrong which should have gone right.

I am now using MailChimp for my mail provider which is a solid, secure system. Or at least I hope :).

If you have previously subscribed to the newsletter, please resubscribe to this one. I’ll be able to get to you the latest news about completely free books for you to enjoy and treasure.

It wasn’t that long ago that reading was a privilege for the wealthy and elite. Now nearly everyone can take the steps to read. Nearly everyone can bring the world of adventure, romance, fantasy, learning, and growth into their lives. We live in an amazing age.

Take that first step. Fill your personal library full of books that you adore.

Then delve into them.


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