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September 8, 2015

Welcome to PermaFreeBooks!

This site is all about bringing free books to the masses. Many of us are on tight budgets. We can’t afford to buy new books every day.

That is where PermaFreeBooks comes in!

This site is wholly free. There is no fee for authors to list their books and no fee for readers to share in the bounty!

Stop by every day to get more free books for your library. If you prefer, sign up for our newsletter and have their information mailed to you. It’s your choice.


What Does PermaFree Mean?

PermaFree means that the book is set permanently in online stores at a free price point. This contrasts with the short-term special deals that authors sometimes run where a book is free just for a day or two. With the short-term specials, if a reader¬†misses that window of opportunity, they’re out of luck. The book bounces back to its previous high price. That means if a reader is away for a day or two and then reads their mail that they are informed about sales that are no longer happening.

That’s sad.

With PermaFree a reader never misses their chance. The book is free whenever the reader finds the time to download it. So there’s no rush and no angst.

Take your time, peruse the website, and enjoy the free books!

We’d love to hear your comments on the books you try.


About PermaFreeBooks

This website is run by Lisa Shea. Lisa runs a number of websites and has also written nearly two hundred books. She loves helping authors succeed and enjoys helping readers find inexpensive content to fill their free hours. She takes the privacy of the site quite seriously; any information you submit here will be kept wholly private by her.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact her!


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