New York Public Library
Zen Moments / September 17, 2015

Yet another reason to visit New York City! The New York Public Library is one of the most gorgeous in the world. Take a look!

Strahov Monastery Library
Zen Moments / September 15, 2015

Just take a look at the artwork on the ceiling of the Strahov Monastery Library, located in Prague, in the Czech Republic! It dates from the 1600s.

Gorgeous Bookstore
Zen Moments / September 14, 2015

Talk about a gorgeous bookstore! And it’s in Portugal so you can drink port, too! Ah, perfection :).

400 Twitter followers
Zen Moments / September 14, 2015

I was going to resist. I wasn’t going to post. But 400 Twitter followers in just a few days! I’m so happy! Thank you all ­čÖé

PermaFreeBooks has 300 Followers!
Zen Moments / September 13, 2015

Every day brings more fans for free books! PermaFreeBooks now has 300 followers on Twitter! If you’re one of our new followers, thank you so much! If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet, now’s the perfect time to join in the fun!  

Trinity College Library
Zen Moments / September 12, 2015

What was your college library like? Make a few desks and chairs? Perhaps some shelves of books? Imagine if you went to Trinity College, in Ireland, and you had access to a library like this –   You might spend more time in the library than in your classrooms!

200 followers on Twitter!
Zen Moments / September 11, 2015

PermaFreeBooks now has 200 followers on Twitter! Thank you all so much for supporting authors and their creations! PermaFreeBooks on Twitter    

100 Twitter Followers
Zen Moments / September 10, 2015

Our Twitter feed has reached over 100 followers already! Thank you all so much for supporting authors with permafree books! PermaFreeBooks on Twitter

Gorgeous Bookstore
Zen Moments / September 10, 2015

How’s this for a bookstore? This is the interior of El Ateneo, a massive bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was once a theater, many decades ago. Now it is a stunning bookstore. Talk about an elegant browsing experience!