We Feared to Fly
Fantasy / September 13, 2015

Paris, 1627. Ravaged by a new outbreak of the Black Death, France is ripe for civil unrest and rebellion. When the King’s brother marches on the palace at the head of an army backed by the country’s enemies, King Louis and his wife, Anne of Austria, are driven into exile and hiding. Four years later, a young man from Gascony flees north after losing his entire family to the plague, and his land to armed peasants. Hungry and desperate, he finds himself falling in with three most unusual men and their even more unusual friends. All is not as it seems, however. What sort of intrigue has young Charles d’Artagnan stumbled upon? * * * Author: R. A. Steffan Publication Date: February 16, 2015 Pages: 70 pages * * * Our availability rating is based on feedback we receive from you on the permafree status of this book. If you find a situation where a link to this book is NOT free, please post a comment below with the site and country where you could not access it for free. We will update the page with your information! Together we help each other find free books to enjoy.