Romance - Contemporary / September 20, 2015

Holly Martin is young, ambitious and determined to rise to the top of her profession, whatever it takes. After a chance encounter in the lift at work, she hadn’t reckoned on falling hard for her hot new boss, Nick van Hoogen. Should she follow her head and walk away, or listen to her heart? Then there’s Adam, her long-suffering work buddy, who would do anything for Holly and is convinced Nick is bad news. Should she trust the advice of her loyal friend or does Adam have a hidden agenda? Nothing is as it seems in this Coming of Age, New Adult office romance. * * * Author: K. T. Knight Publication Date: February 3, 2015 Pages: 82 pages * * * Our availability rating is based on feedback we receive from you on the permafree status of this book. If you find a situation where a link to this book is NOT free, please post a comment below with the site and country where you could not access it for free. We will update the page with your information! Together we help each other find free books to enjoy.