Daksha the Medicine Girl
Children's / September 17, 2015

Daksha, the Medicine Girl, is about a young girl living in a hamlet in the Himalayas. Having lost her family in flash floods, she spends a lot of time with a vaidya (the doctor practicing native medicine) and learns the use of herbs and roots. A chance encounter puts her skill to test and changes her life, everyone says, for the better, opening up opportunities of school and education. Daksha likes her former life and yearns to return to the mountains of her birth until a resourceful doctor finds a way to help her adjust to her new life. * * * Author: Gita V.Reddy Publication Date: February 14, 2014 Pages: 37 pages * * * Our availability rating is based on feedback we receive from you on the permafree status of this book. If you find a situation where a link to this book is NOT free, please post a comment below with the site and country where you could not access it for free. We will update the page with your information! Together we help each other find free books to enjoy.