Sensual Roomie
Adult / September 17, 2015

** ADULT 18+ ** Laura is afraid of alienating her new college roommate, and so she hides her sexuality. Then Becky walks in dressed like a schoolgirl from a porno. Laura tries to hide her attraction even as Becky takes all her clothes off. Both girls get pushed farther than anticipated after a night of drinking. Graphic story involving: lesbian sex female masturbation Streaking * * * Author: Alexis J. Williams Publication Date: November 12, 2014 Pages: 19 pages * * * Our availability rating is based on feedback we receive from you on the permafree status of this book. If you find a situation where a link to this book is NOT free, please post a comment below with the site and country where you could not access it for free. We will update the page with your information! Together we help each other find free books to enjoy.