The Best Is Yet to Come
Romance - Contemporary / September 9, 2015

Life has lost a sense of challenge for billionaire Steven Gherring, but he’s about to meet his match in a surprising package. This free novella is a prequel and adjunct for Her Best Match, fun to read before or after the novel. It is a short look inside the head of Steven Gherring, who likes to control everything in his life. But just when he thinks nothing could ever surprise him, he meets Anne Best. His response to her surprises even himself! This is a quick read with sassy characters, providing an introduction to some of the main characters in Her Best Match. The book includes the first chapter of Her Best Match, as a preview. UPDATE: This book is WHOLLY gone from all platforms. The author must have chosen to delete it for some reason. * * * Author: Tamie Dearen Publication Date: January 5, 2014 Pages: 56 pages * * * Our availability rating is based on feedback we receive from you on the permafree status of this book. If you find a situation where a link to this book is NOT free, please post a comment below with the site and country where you could not access it for free….